Once and for all, commit to your worth and set yourself free…

unveil your bruises,
kiss your scars, baby,
to breathe free,
dance zealously with
your choices.
– anamika raj
FACT: If we choose to embrace life fully, there is absolutely NO WAY we are making it through this short, sweet and sassy adventure unscathed. We are also well aware, that not a one of us is gonna make it out of this wild, wonderful and wicked ride alive- another tough pill to swallow.
We will inevitably take risks; some calculated and some that may take the form of eyes squeezed shut, not even sure there is water in the pool, launch off the high platform diving board. We will be both rewarded (LIFE ROCKS!) and relegated (BACK TO THE BENCH!), relative to the myriad of our choices, decisions, actions and efforts. At times, we will joyously celebrate our good fortune, maybe even sit back to simply savor the sheer exquisiteness of breathing, being, loving and living (insert Muskoka Chair here). However, there will be days, maybe even months or years, where we feel battered, bruised and broken; WARRIORS, engaged in a tireless battle, fighting for worth, understanding, acceptance, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, freedom, health, sanity and humanity- FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES.

Wounds may run deep, become part of us, ignorantly and “blissfully” tucked away, buried over time, beneath layers of scar tissue; namely distraction and dysfunction. And we all know what happens to unattended wounds, they FESTER and eventually serve to nefariously bite us in the ass!!!! How then, do we get off the merry-go-round? HOW DO WE HEAL OURSELVES, present moment, and learn to meet life head-on? We slow it all down, we look in the mirror, we practice honesty, we unveil our masks, we begin to attend to our hurts, we start talking, we share the journey, we own our s#%* and we begin to make peace with ourselves; mindfully, authentically, kindly, compassionately, patiently and lovingly. WE DO seek external support, if healing and recovery exceeds our current capacity to help ourselves. We DO initiate thoughtful, purposeful, necessary decision-making and take action to inspire liberation from our self-imposed prisons.


Gratitude. Love. Namaste. Brave, Bold, Beautiful Warriors.


Lens: @kristaeve