Catch a ride on your truth trajectory….

I am here to serveI am here to inspire. I am here to love. I am here to live my truth. – Deepak Chopra

Sounds like a pretty spectacular ride doesn’t it?! That’s because it is. Take a moment (even if this exact moment of your life has you hanging out in darker places) to really ponder the extraordinary connections, present and past, personally and professionally, that make the fire in your belly ignite, your skin tingle, your breath catch, your heart skip a beat, gosh, maybe even leave you a little light-headed and starry-eyed. I would like to suggest these experiences, the ones that literally rock your world, that feel like full-on spontaneous combustion and compel you forward as if you were possessed by mystical forces, are directly aligned with your core being and Your Fundamental Truth. It is in these cataclysmic collisions that the REAL YOU is being called to action; Your Purpose is literally calling out to you and saying,

“Hey you, over here, this is where you are going to work your magic in the world, where you are going to make your difference. Can you hear me? Feel me? See me? This is who you are. For the love of Pete, please pay attention.”

And so you do, for a little while. But life happens, it hurts, you get distracted, called away from yourself; maybe you give way to others’ expectations of you, maybe you make some less than stellar decisions, maybe you hurt people, maybe you were the one hurt, maybe you experienced death of a loved one, maybe you suffered trauma, maybe you failed miserably and repeatedly, maybe you lost money or somebody else’s money, maybe you self-sooth with alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, overeating, overworking (this list goes on) and yeah, maybe you find yourself feeling really freaking alone, set adrift on a swelling sea of self-destruction.

Now tell me this, does some or all of this delightful inner diatribe (on repeat no less) sound familiar to you? “It’s all my fault, I blame myself for it all, I did this, I deserve to suffer, I am a failure, I am not enough. I am worthless. I am useless. I must have done something really, really bad in my last life because karma is biting me in the ass this time.” WHOA. STOP THE PRESSES. Can you say quintessential quagmire of exaggeration and flat-out lies? Firstly, YOU are not solely responsible for the suffering of the world (I know it feels like it some days, but you alone don’t get to lay claim to this title). Secondly, you do not exist in a bubble; you are in constant relationship with those around you and guess what, they are making choices and decisions too. Thirdly, sometimes things simply happen in life, completely beyond your control, and there is absolutely nothing you could have done to prevent or stop its occurrence. Do you take responsibility and own your part? Definitely, BUT ONLY YOUR PART (read that again). Do you have to learn the lesson? Well that’s entirely up to you too, but YES, ideally-ha!ha! If you do, hopefully from this point forward you make better, healthier choices. The bigger reward? You invite perspective, rationality, acceptance, forgiveness and freedom.

Live and learn, as they say. Do the work. Get out of your own way. Aim for authenticity. Catch a ride on your truth trajectory. Choose to re-connect with your passions and purpose…daily and deeply. THIS IS WHO YOU ARE; trust, believe, and have faith it will lead you in the direction of integrity, wholeness and healing. And at long last, set yourself free, give flight to your dreams and desires, and know with your whole heart that you are most deserving of LIVING YOUR LIFE INSPIRED.

Gratitude. Love. Namaste.


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  1. You speak to us about mental health, resilience and kindness. You use your pain to lessen the pain of others. Thank you for sharing your truths to help yourself and others. Keep shining brilliantly my friend.

    1. Heart-full. Grate-full.🙏❤️💥

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