Once and for all, commit to your worth and set yourself free…

unveil your bruises, kiss your scars, baby, to breathe free, dance zealously with your choices. – anamika raj FACT: If we choose to embrace life fully, there is absolutely NO WAY we are making it through this short, sweet and sassy adventure unscathed. We are also well aware, that not a one of us is […]

Catch a ride on your truth trajectory….

I am here to serve. I am here to inspire. I am here to love. I am here to live my truth. – Deepak Chopra Sounds like a pretty spectacular ride doesn’t it?! That’s because it is. Take a moment (even if this exact moment of your life has you hanging out in darker places) to really ponder the extraordinary connections, present and […]

Settling into your smile, the real deal…

Settling into your smile (your REAL DEAL SMILE, the kind that reaches your eyes and shines straight outta your heart, yeah that’s the one!), may feel virtually impossible when you find yourself processing deep sadness, pain, loss, grief, and trauma. In fact, in the early stages of recovery, you may even find yourself mindfully and purposefully […]

Julie, are you for real?

I get this question A LOT. Julie, are you for real? Do you really feel, believe, and action, the words and thoughts you share or is it just for Social Media? This is absolutely a fair question and I love it! My answer is YES and well, MOSTLY, YES…cheeky, I know.  When I made the decision […]