RECLAIMED! A transformative yoga and self-care guide for women’s empowered healing

“Through sharing her own personal story, client experiences, and teachings, this book is like walking the path of personal healing hand-in-hand with your best friend.” – Dr. Denise Patterson, ND


  • Are you struggling with chronic physical and/or mental-emotional pain?
  • Are you feeling consumed by your relentless efforts to recover?
  • What if all that you needed was within you for healing?
  • What if you knew how to access this treasure within?

Julie Thayer is often the last resort for her clients. They feel they have tried it all and are desperate for long-lasting relief from their pain experience.

In this ground-breaking book you will discover the methodology that has empowered women across the globe to reclaim their lives from depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, body dysmorphia, cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease, MS, PTSD, PCOS, and more.

Throughout Reclaimed! Julie Thayer speaks candidly of her own hard-fought healing and recovery, and simultaneously shares her potent 3 Pillars of Pain-Free Living, along with transformative yoga and self-care strategies to return women home to themselves and inspired, joyful living.

Are you ready to take your life back?

Feel-good living is your birthright.

Be resolute in its pursuit.

You are worth it, and the world needs your magic.


Julie Thayer has overcome severe depression, anxiety, and chronic pain to rise as a celebrated Yoga Coach & Kind Movement Expert. She has supported countless women in the reclamation of their lives from both physical and mental-emotional pain. She is the founder of RECLAIMED – The Mastery, an immersion in women’s health, healing, and feel-good living. Her acclaimed program is changing the quality of women’s lives all over the world.