Client Reflections

“Thank you for a beautiful practice this morning. Hips, heart, yin. It released some gentle, loving creativity and some tears. You have a way of making students feel safe, to let go without words.” – Cathy S.

“Yoga with Julie is wonderful. Julie has a gift for succinctly guiding you into a posture, creating a strong foundation from which you may explore your body. She sequences postures so they flow naturally and with ease, building upon each other. Julie’s class is a first for me, in yoga, where my lower back does not hurt and my hip pain is relieved. Not only do I leave her class feeling lighter and more relaxed in my body and mood, I sleep better too; no more hip pain, no more tossing and turning! I am very grateful for Julie’s beautiful presence and gifts.” – Rhonda C.

“Meet Julie.💫 A beam of light. A strong woman. A go-getter. We are so grateful to have Julie be part of Self Love & Sweat. Her story is inspiring, she is the definition of self love and a pillar within her community. This woman tackles fear head on and I couldn’t be more appreciative to have her leading our morning yoga practice.✨” – euphoriclifestyles

“To say I was a yoga skeptic would be accurate. However, after years of lower back pain and stiffness, I went to Julie to “try” this yoga thing out. Thanks to Julie’s routine, I was not only moving more easily but the pain in my back was easing. And in just 2 weeks, I was able to shovel the front and back of the house and still be good to go for a workout. I am amazed at the difference Julie’s routine has done for me and I am forever grateful! “ – Gerry B.

“I was struggling in my day to day life with depression and anxiety. Yoga had always spoken to me and I felt it was what I needed in my life, I just didn’t know where to start. I had been to a few studios and tried a bunch of classes but it never seemed to feel right, until I met Julie. I attended a few classes and felt at home right away. During some private yoga sessions, Julie really had an impact on my life.  She taught me so much, that a class could not; the proper pose alignment, of course, but her acceptance and kindness was so absolutely comforting. She helped me see that taking care and loving myself was instrumental in my happiness, as well as my family’s.  Today I practice with love, and the realization that I am worth the time and effort. My depression and anxiety rarely rears its ugly head, but when it does my mat isn’t far away. I feel strong in my poses, not just physically but mentally.  I cannot thank Julie enough for the affect she has upon my life. Namaste my friend, you are in my heart and with me on my mat always. – Karyn T.

Julie is an awesome Yoga teacher! She has the ability to connect with her students in a way that inspires, relaxes, and empowers them. She has a wonderful ability to offer her true authentic self in the messages she shares, and how she shares them. Taking part in her class is an unforgettable experience. – Karina C.

Julie radiates a joyful dedication and love for what she does. Her clear, competent and technically grounded instruction style is beautifully enhanced by her friendly and open-hearted disposition, and her non-judgmental, non-competitive energy. She provides a true ‘community’ practice environment, cuing in a sensitively paced, consistent, and intelligent manner, which both warmly respects and serves the varied experiences of those on their mats before her. Her cues are fluidly interwoven with modifications to poses and occasional little reminders that taking a break from a pose is always a perfectly acceptable part of ones practice. Ultimately, whether new to yoga or seasoned, Julie recognizes and respects difference and the sense of ownership we all have in our own practice, and in so doing provides a quality practice experience for everyone equally.

My personal understanding of a meaningful and balanced yoga practice involves acknowledging and embracing the fact that ‘yoga’ is far more than just a physical endeavor, being rather a composite of interrelated physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual components, one that is ever-changing as our lives change and one that therefore develops in different ways, at different times, for different reasons, and at different rates for all of us. I have found over the years that it is only those teachers, such as Julie, whose dispositions and energetic qualities are inherently respectful of this greater complexity who are best able to evoke a true sense of comfort, confidence and inspiration in those on their mats before them. And I have therefore also found, perhaps somewhat ironically, that it is only these special teachers who ultimately enable the physical component of ones practice to develop well – comfort, confidence and inspiration being the most effective motivators of course. In this way, practicing with Julie, I feel safe, inspired and confident working on the physical component of my practice, and feel both comfortable and pleased with the way it advances over time. I never feel compared to others in the room, or that my practice is inadequate in any way.

Julie is a very special yoga teacher, and I feel both privileged and grateful to practice before her. I most easily and instantly placed her on my little list of ‘favorites’ in the area when I first moved here, and am having no problem keeping her there!

Thanks Julie for doing what you do so well! – Josie A.